Connecting local communities with live music.

Connecting local communities with live music

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"We don't claim to BE the best, just to DO our best."
Stephen P Brown, Conductor

"With little doubt, this was the very best Christmas concert from a community band that I've ever had the pleasure to hear. Every moment of the concert maintained a sense of wonderful intonation, exquisite contrasts of dynamics, solid entrances and releases and --- in every way --- the musicality enjoyed by professional bands. It is clearly a tribute to your rehearsal techniques and the brilliant musicianship and commitment of every performer. I am so proud of this group!" Mike McGovern, Trumpet

Since 1981 the Dunedin Concert Band has enabled local Performers to share live music with local communities.

Under the direction of Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown, this collection of dedicated woodwind, brass and percussion players regularly challenge themselves to present invigorating performances of six concert programs throughout the year. The Dunedin Concert Band is ideal for musicians who

  • Have a desire to learn
  • Wish to get better on their instrument, and
  • Develop a deeper musical understanding.

To maintain a balanced musical experience for all, DCB Performers are invited to participate by Section Leaders. For more information, submit the form below and a Section Leader will be in touch soon. For "turn-up-and-play" or snowbird performers, please consider joining the Pinellas Community Band.

Dunedin Concert Band Performance Schedule

If you would like to perform in the DCB,
please submit a Performer Inquiry.

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