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What better way to enrich our emotional well-being, mental health, and society at large all at the same time, than through live music?

Like any strong community, the DMS is built around the common beliefs and expectations of its members.

Created by fans of live music to help build a better society for all, the DMS would like to help YOU connect your local communities with the live music you love.

Why should I join the DMS?

The DMS may have cancelled a multitude of events in 2020, but we have remained busy serving local, state, national and international music champions with online music activities. And we still have several live, in-person events planned for safe environments.

We are proud and have worked hard to keep our community included and engaged throughout the pandemic.

  • Perhaps you are glad the DMS promotes live/ acoustic/ classical music, as it is vital for a healthy society.
  • Maybe you want to help local communities get connected with more live/ acoustic/ classical music.
  • You could be a musician who would like to join a performing group, or see your ensemble perform more often.
  • Like us, you might be excited to encourage fans of live/ acoustic/ classical music to visit Tampa Bay.
  • Or possibly you just want to feel you are part of a special community, who happen to be fans of music.

What do I get by joining the DMS?

Everything from a badge of honor DMS decal through pre-concert private waiting rooms and cocktail parties, to front lawn concerts and even a private dinner with the Maestro (our General Director Stephen P Brown) and his wife, your membership will also give you:

  • Priority - Advanced pre-public notice of, and access to, concerts and events presented by the DMS.
  • Community Relations - Opportunities to advocate for live/ acoustic/ classical music and music education.
  • Audience Relations - Opportunities to help others attend, or enjoy attending concerts.
  • Insight - Free newsletters, pre-concert workshops and talks, meeting performers.
  • Harmony - Access to special member-only activities.

How do I join?

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Membership in the DMS is a very quick and easy process - a simple application and annual membership fee will, upon acceptance by our Membership Committee, give you complete access to all our activities and resources, including all the specific benefits listed with each membership level.

Don't hesitate! Join right now:

Don't want to join yet, but still want to support the DMS?

Check out our "Music Makers" sponsorship options, as well as our "Music Builders" donation opportunities.

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Learn why the DMS exists and the problems it solves. 

Taken from the 2018 Founders' Day event, our membership launch.

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