Connecting local communities with live music.

Connecting local communities with live music

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Front Lawn Mini-Concert

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+ Safe social distancing outside + Connect your community with live music + Members of the Rhythm Kings Jazz Orchestra + Performing rights license coverage The DMS is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to host your own mini evening concert: 55+ minutes of live music on your front lawn or driveway any day of the week, by 3 or 4 professional performers from the Rhythm Kings Jazz Orchestra. Your neighborhood will LOVE YOU for it! Invite friends to bring their lawn chairs, or encourage your neighbors sit at the end of their driveways :) Seriously, what better way to take a pleasurable moment away to recover from isolation and news, emotionally rebuild, and reconnect with (or even meet) your neighbors?! 10% Discount for DMS Committed Members. Order now so we can send you a questionnaire with possible dates, or call 727.800.3727 option 5 with any questions.

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