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Jack Bruns


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Use three words to describe the Dunedin Music Society
classic fellowship respect
How much time do you spend in Florida each year?
All Year
Why do you want to join the Dunedin Music Society?
  • I am glad you promote live/ acoustic/ classical music as it is vital for a healthy society
  • I want to help local communities get connected with more live/ acoustic/ classical music
  • I am a musician and would like to join a performing group
  • I would like to encourage fans of live/ acoustic/ classical music to visit Tampa Bay
  • I want to feel I am part of a special community of music fans
How do you think the DMS can benefit your local community?
  • Advanced notice of concerts and events presented by the DMS
  • Opportunities to advocate for live/ acoustic/ classical music and music education
  • Opportunities to help others attend or enjoy attending concerts

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