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Could you use an EXTRA $400, $800 or $1,600 a month?!

The Rhythm Kings Jazz Orchestra is looking for a dedicated Community Connector (Sales Rep) that can spread the word about this live music ensemble and book gigs!

An event cannot be spectacular without spectacular music!

Like the Rhythm Kings Jazz Orchestra (RKJO) itself, are you DEDICATED to QUALITY outcomes?

Whether it’s a wedding or corporate function, you must be dedicated to ensuring the RKJO’s performances are remembered for all the RIGHT reasons!

We take a lot of pride in what we do, constantly study to improve our skills and take personal responsibility for the outcomes we deliver.

You are expected to match or even exceed the expectations we have for ourselves.

  • Are you LIKEABLE? Do you find people are happy to talk to you, without you even trying to make friends? If not, please don’t apply.
  • Do you enjoy putting yourself out there? Are you someone that can sell yourself as well as a service you believe in? If not, please don’t apply.
  • Are you able to connect with all kinds of people, from a love-struck young couple to a matronly control-freak mother-in-law, from a professional venue to a Corporate Executive? Are you comfortable mingling with people of all walks of life? You must be willing to connect with others and infiltrate multiple industry-specific in-crowds to spread the good news about the RJKO! If reading this makes you feel uncomfortable, please don’t apply.
  • You must hold INTEGRITY higher than achievement. Doing the RIGHT THING is far more important than leading someone down the wrong path. You must be willing to say NO to opportunities that are not a good fit for the group.

Making our corner of the world in the Tampa Bay region a better place through live music is no longer a dream - YOU will help make it a REALITY.

Carefully complete and submit the application below and we will be in touch.

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