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Frequently Asked Questions

May 1, 2021 Update: Reservations still being accepted for trumpet, horn, tuba, and percussion!

Who Can Join This Fabulous Trip?

The trip is open to all Tampa Bay area woodwind, brass, and percussion players (plus their friends and family) who are competent & comfortable playing concert band music (grade 3/4) in an ensemble setting. Preference will be given to current DCB performers with openings expected to fill in every section from the music community.

Are Friends & Family Welcome to Join the Trip?


What are The Rehearsal Requirements?

Rehearsals are currently scheduled on Tuesday nights at 7PM; June 14, 21, 28, July 5 & 12 and “all day” Saturday, July 16 including a farewell concert that evening. Performers must commit to 4 of 5 rehearsals as well as the Saturday session and concert.

Where Are the Rehearsals?

Rehearsals are scheduled in the Music Room of the Dunedin Community Center 1920 Pinehurst Road, Dunedin, Florida.

Will Everyone Who Registers for the Trip Be Able to Go?

We hope so, but if instrumentation isn’t balanced, Section Leaders will help the Director balance to the right number of players in the section. If by chance you are not chosen, you may still join the trip as “friends and family” or we will refund all monies paid.

How much is the deposit?

$100.00 for the principle trip and $100.00 for the extension to Prague.

How do the Deposits Work?

Travel Resource Consultants (TRC) will hold your deposit as “fully refundable” until May 7, 2021 after which time we will confirm you as a participant of the trip. If by chance not enough musicians register for the trip to make it functional, all monies will be returned.

When Are Payments Due?

See the payments section WeTravel

Do I Need a Passport?

Yes. Passports must be valid for at least six months after our tour return date.

Do I Need a Visa?

Citizens of the United States currently do not need a visa to travel to Europe. Travelers from other nations should check the rules for traveling in the European Union.

Do I Pay in Dollars or Euros?

To keep things simple and easy for you, you will pay in Dollars. Tour Resource Consultants will provide a final Land-Only price in early November 2021, using a currency contract to lock in the value of the dollar to the Euro and keeping the tour price stable (no surprises!).

What is The Last Date I Can Cancel and Receive My Deposit Back?

October 24, 2021. See the payments section later in WeTravel.

Can I Go Early or Stay Later in Europe?

Yes. Tour Resource Consultants just needs you to be at the Munich Airport by noon on the first day of the trip (Friday, July 22). We will offer a pre-tour hotel in Munich (pending interest). See also the Extension Tour to Prague!

What is the Local Currency Used on the Trip?

Euros! Most ATM’s accept US Bank Cards (Debit Cards) for currency exchange. This is typically the best way to exchange money at the lowest fees. Check with YOUR bank prior to flying! Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are also widely accepted where we are traveling.

Will my Cell Phone Work in Austria and Germany?

Yes, in most cases including texting. Check with YOUR individual carrier prior for details on calling and texting as well as for their “high speed” internet service for your smartphone. Most offer this for an exceedingly small fee to cover your dates of travel (if not for free).

What about Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available virtually everywhere including in our hotels and some motorcoaches. Video calls home via Facebook or Facetime are also a great way to stay connected while traveling abroad!

Where Do I Join the Dunedin Music Society for my Discount?


What will the weather be like?

Nice and warm even! The average temperature in Salzburg in July is 78. 81 in Vienna, and 77 in Wurzburg. The spa town of Bad Ischl where we will spend our first three nights is a bit cooler at 73. Evenings may be cool, likely not cold throughout our trip.

Will I need an Electrical Adapter for the trip?

Yes. USB charging for your phone is universal but power outlets are not. Austria uses “Type C and Type F” plugs at 230V. Germany is the same. Most “European Power Adapters” sold on Amazon (etc.) will work just fine. Many people like to add a small power strip to that (US) to allow for more outlets after the conversion (food for thought!).

What is the Performer Uniform?

The Dunedin Music Society is designing updated concert attire for all band members at an anticipated cost of $30-$35 per person (not included in the trip price). Black slacks/skirt, socks, and shoes will also be required.

Where Do I Make Payment?

TRC will direct you to our trip at for deposits and payments.

What Is Our Stance on the Pandemic and Traveling in 2022?

None of us know for certain what the state of the World will be yet in July 2022, but we are optimistic that performance travel and sightseeing will return to a resemblance of normal by these dates. The DMS and TRC will monitor this with you and have set the latest possible cancellation dates for the trip...just in case.

Do I Need More Travel Insurance?

Post-Departure Travel Insurance is included in the tour price, and this covers participants while they are on their way to, during their stay, and when returning from Europe. Additional insurance is available at additional cost.

Can TRC Help Me Book My Airfare?

Yes, TRC is a fully accredited travel agency and will assist with air travel and other independent travel needs. There is a $100 fee for this service.

Is This Itinerary Final?

No. The DMS and TRC reserve the right to substitute activities and switch days (not trip dates) as the trip draws closer.

Still got questions?

Or call 727.800.3727 option 3

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